Winterizing Backyard Water Features

You may not be looking to install a new feature to your backyard landscape during the cold, winter months. However, if you already have these elements in your landscape, they should be kept in mind. They are beautiful and need to be taken care of in order to work properly in the spring. Don’t forget to properly get them prepared for cold temperatures so they won’t break and get ruined. 

If your backyard fountain or river is small, winterizing it can be a little more simple than if you have a big one. No matter the size, here are three simple steps to follow to save you time and money in the spring. The first step is to drain the water, then clean the inside of the system, and cover it up. 

Draining the water from the feature is a very crucial step. Just like when you drain your garden hose and coil it up before winter hits, you want to drain the falls, rivers, and fountains so they don’t break from the water freezing and expanding. 

Cleaning both the pump and the inside of the fountain or falls is the next step. Use proper cleaning supplies to get dirt and algae out. Once it is clean, make sure to dry it out. Drying it before the final step of covering it up will eliminate mold and liquid that could freeze.

Covering up the feature is another thing that will help keep your water feature nice and ready to go in the spring. Just like mentioned above, if rain or snow gets in them, then it could stay in the system and expand. This can eventually lead to broken pipes and other damages. Covering it from the elements will keep it clean and lowers the risk of it breaking. 

Some people may want to keep liquid flowing through the feature during the winter. This makes the landscape look beautiful and prevents the top from freezing because it is constantly moving. However, some things to consider with this solution is that if the pump and electricals stop working, then the pipes and pumps may freeze. Also, an ice dam can direct the liquid outside of the normal flow. This will increase the risk of the water freezing in cracks and could potentially cause damage because there won’t be as much liquid continuously flowing. 

Preparing your backyard rivers, fountains, and falls ready for the cold will save you time and money. It will eliminate the hassle of having to fix cracked and broken features in the spring. 

If you have questions, contact us to help with winterizing your features in the Ogden area. 

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